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Merlin's Magic Medium

Merlin's Magic Medium

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These absolutely matte yet durable paints have an incredible range of 112 brilliant colours. Formulated by Cephalopod Studios and carefully curated by Creature Caster, we are proud to bring you one of the most innovative miniature paints on the market. 

Taking advantage of the Sketch and Glaze technique popularized by thousands of award winning miniature painters throughout the last 30 years (or 300 years by traditional canvas painters), this range of paints allows for inexperienced hobbyists to achieve unbelievable results with a little bit of patience and understanding of basic painting techniques. 

If you feel the need to experiment with this paint range further, it is recommended that you use our Merlin's Magical Medium as a blending agent. It is specifically designed to work with Cuttlefish Colors Painting System, allow you to create a wide range of washes and filters for your models. It is also a fantastic medium to use when thinning your paints down for use in an airbrush. 

This medium is stored in a generously sized 120ml bottle, and comes complete with a precision dropper for easy dispensing. 


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