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Maltique the Auromancer

Maltique the Auromancer

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Current pricing reflects that Resin Heroes currently DO NOT COME WITH Cards and Tokens. We are working to make cards and tokens available as soon as possible; if these components are vital to your gameplay, please wait until they are included.

A Model With A Cause: 50% of the proceeds (for all time) will go to BC Cancer Foundation.

Maltique the Auromancer was created in concert with our friend, Michelle, who is battling cancer.

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Height: 66mm
Base: 40mm round
Material: pure, unfilled resin

Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.
When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.


Reading the auras and emotions of all is a blessing and a painful curse.

Maltique was born with the ability to  see the intentions, feelings, and motivations behind the thoughts and actions of others. She called this unique talent Auramancy, and it was, at first, more of a curse than a blessing. Being able to see things that others cannot caused her nothing but misery. But as she grew, Maltique learned how best to utilize her skills. Keeping her talents mostly secret, she would always know who to trust and the perfect things to say. Her ability to connect with others was unparalleled.

The cost of immeasurable power

Maltique’s powers did not come without a cost. The energy that she was able to tap into was slowly damaging the cells of her body. What was thought to be an isolated incident of cancerous cells would ultimately prove to be much more insidious. Every cell in Maltique’s body was slowly changing and degrading as she used her abilities. A great chair was built for Maltique, pumping chemicals into her blood, repairing DNA, and preserving her life. 

A scholar, a teacher, a peace-bringer

Using the chair was agonizing, but Maltique refused to surrender to the pain - the good she brought to the world was worth any cost.  Intelligent, creative, and curious Maltique would travel far and wide, learning as many new things as she could. A student and teacher, she wanted to absorb all knowledge. Her abilities allowed her to avoid conflict and even resolve the conflicts of others. And so, she found her calling as a diplomat and ambassador, spreading her knowledge and positivity throughout the world. Century long enmities were put aside in Maltique’s name – "the Peacemaker" – her abilities allowing her to find common ground where none was believed to exist.  

A beautiful model whose pain reflects an earthly one

Maltique is a very special model that we have created in concert with one of our friends, Michelle, who we met at our very first Adepticon in 2018. Michelle has been a very active member of the miniature painting community, regularly volunteering her time at many conventions and bringing much joy to everyone who knows her.

Michelle has also been battling cancer for many years now and, late last year, she received the news that the cancer has spread to her brain.

Maltique the Auromancer is our way of saying thank you to Michelle for everything she has done for the community. Maltique has been designed to be reminiscent of someone going through the struggles of chemotherapy. She is both a celebration of Michelle’s life and an acknowledgment of her ongoing battle. She is also a symbol of strength in the midst of unimaginable pain.


A Note From Michelle:

What does Maltique mean to me?

The opportunity to collaborate with Creature caster on this model has meant the world. A big part of my healing process has been about my community.

I have made my diagnosis so public because I needed to share. Share my story, my experiences, my overall journey. If I have to go through this, I wanted someone to benefit. It’s not for no reason. Since my cancer moved from breast to brain, it has been hard. A terminal diagnosis is harder to share on an emotional level.

This is where Creature Caster helped change my outlook. Collaborating on Maltique has given me a unique chance to share again.

That’s actually what’s in the name M + unique = Maltique!

May her strength and fight continue on long after me!

Maltique the Auromancer can be used in the upcoming tactical battle game Judgement Eternal Champions as one of the heroes that battle for the fate of Athien as one of the Eternal Champions!

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