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Judgement: Eternal Champions - Core Set

Judgement: Eternal Champions - Core Set

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This box is the key to starting your adventures on the Battlefields of Judgement: Eternal Champions. Everything you need to start playing!

    • Players
    • Playtime
    • Materials

Standard Play: 2 players
Expandable on 5v5 Mat: up to 4 players (free-for-all or teams of 2v2)

Playtime: 45-85 minutes
**For your first game, we recommend that you have at least 2 hours to become familiar with the mechanics of the game.
3v3 Battlefield Mat: 24"x24" Neoprene, stitched edges
Miniatures & Character Tokens: PVC
Terrain & Tokens: Cardboard

This starter set is centered around the two polar-opposite gods, Ista and Krognar. The 10 Heroes included in this box are their Champions, but they also have alignments with the other four gods, allowing you to try your hand at new playstyles!

This box includes: 

  • 10 Miniature Heroes
  • 2 Miniature Monsters
  • Cardboard terrain that supports a variety of maps, allows for playability of all six gods, and even an alternate Maelstrom of Souls Scenario
  • 3D tokens for unique Hero Abilities
  • ...and more!

Each game is unique, offering hours and hours of playability with this starter set, alone. 

Keep your eyes open for future god-specific Champion Packs to expand your Warband options! 

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