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Complete Opaque Paint Set

Pure liquid pigment with a completely matte finish for smooth results.

The key to a great paint job is an amazing basecoat, and the Cuttlefish Genesis Paint Line is designed to do just that - provide you with an amazingly thin yet opaque basecoat to build your tones up to incredible brilliance. With the patented pure matte formula that you have come to know and love - not only will your models look amazing on the battlefield, but through the camera lens as well.

Genesis contains 16 different paints that have been carefully curated by the Creature Caster team to ensure that you have the thinnest yet most opaque base coat for your miniatures, allowing you to retain all of the fine details of your model without sacrificing opacity. As we all know, the key to success in miniature painting is having a solid foundation. This paint set contains the following:

  • Dragon Ash Grey
  • Putrid Pancit Green
  • Forest Troll Green
  • Inappropriate Plum
  • Lynsanity Lavender
  • Duck Sauce Black
  • Georgia Summer
  • Graveyard Grim
  • Luna's Dreamland Blue
  • Sands of Time Ochre
  • Ecstasy Purple
  • Hot Pancit Red
  • Diesel Blue
  • Mahogany Brown
  • Gauss Cannon Blue
  • Archipelago Teal

With these 16 paints, you can be sure that you will be well on your way to learning the basics of the Sketch 'n Glaze technique used by masters of the industry worldwide. These paints have been pre-formulated to ensure that you get the result that you're looking for when glazing your models. 

Each paint is stored in a generously sized 22ml bottle, and comes complete with a precision control top for easy dispensing. 

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