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Enchantress of Malifica

Enchantress of Malifica

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Evolved to a state of perfection, they are masters of transmutation.

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Heights: 50mm
Bases: 40mm round
Material: pure, unfilled resin

Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.
When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.


An Enchantress of Malifica is able to feel the potential for dramatic change within other beings. With this knowledge and unique magical power, they can mold and craft sentient creatures into inanimate objects with just a touch. Within the forces of Malifica, they are most commonly employed as weapon and armour smiths to create magical artefacts from the flesh, minds, and souls of others. An especially powerful Lord or Lady may also make use of an Enchantress, ordering the transformation of those who oppose them into decor for their manse or into trinkets with which to adorn themselves.

Enchantresses are respected amongst their brethren for their incredible skills, but also feared for their unpredictable and dangerous allure. When they turn their eyeless gaze upon another’s potential, they offer an unspoken exchange, a dark enticement. If you submit to their will, you may become something new; you will achieve a form more beautiful, stronger, or more fantastic than is mortally possible. Perhaps this new form is closer to perfection, a form that would be respected and feared, or just one that allows an escape from whatever paltry existence most beings are burdened with. Even the greatest of minds have been known to succumb to this sinister bargain, realizing too late that they are nothing but raw materials in the hands of an Enchantress.


He felt drawn to her — to her strange alien beauty. Her delicate form was swathed in a seething mass of tentacles. Strangely hypnotic, they moved about her. No… not about, but through her; tentacles transforming into clothing, into skin, into her.

Her eyeless gaze settled onto him and he felt stripped bare, as though she knew everything that he was, everything that he had ever done. He felt himself moving towards her, as her lips pulled into a strange knowing smile and she reached out a hand to his face.

She didn’t speak, but he knew that the Enchantress could see something within him — what he was truly meant to be. His potential would be shaped by her hands and he would be transformed. A beatific smile spread across his face as he threw his arms wide, welcoming the greatness that was his destiny.

Her hands were cool and smooth as glass as they moved over his face, trailing down his neck and across his body. It felt like her touch was everywhere - lighting little sparks under his skin. How did she have so many hands? He knew that he was being reshaped, that he was shaking off his former self. It was glorious! He was becoming!

The Enchantress gazed at the crude metallic bar in her lap. A strange sound emanated from it - half scream, half mewling pleasure. She usually had to seek out the materials for her craft, but this one had found her and that made it special. She drew her palm down its length, drawing it out into the rough shape of a blade. The noises coming from the metallic object intensified as she smiled down at it. Such potential. It would not be wasted.

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