Cradol (Resin)

Cradol (Resin)

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"Nothing will stop me from leading the herd to glory - not even death."

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Gods Bruelin Bruelin Krognar Krognar 
Race/Title Undead Shadow Hunter
Weapons Tomahawk
Attack Type Melee
Class Bruiser + Enhancer

Once the toughest warrior and leader of her people, Cradol’s desire to forge a new path for the minotaur herd led to their demise. Now Cradol lurks silently in the mists of the Between, carefully calculating the movements of her enemies and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. She will not make the same mistakes in death.

Defense /10


Offense /10

Cradol is a bruiser but is also very much an enhancer with her Shadow abilities. She has Dual Wield, so while her damage output seems low, if set up correctly (for example knocking down an opponent model) she can deliver a high amount of damage.

Support /10
Cradol's unique ability is the use of Shadow Mist Counters. These allow her to heal or help move herself or a friend around the battle field. She takes a fair amount of skill in applying her abilities and synergizes well with other Heroes with Shadow, examples are Rakkir and Zaron. At level 2 Cradol can use her Shadow Mist Counters to remove opponent Token's and/or Templates, a niche ability that can be subtle and decisive at the right moment. Level 3 allows her to give temporary health to a friend.
Soul Harvest /10
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