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Brok (Resin)

Brok (Resin)

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"Your lies may have brought you riches, but in the end, the honesty of my blade on your throat is all that matter."

The PVC version of Brok is available in the Core Box.

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Gods Bruelin Bruelin Ista Ista 
Race/Title Dwarf Berserker
Weapons Great Axe
Attack Type Melee
Class Bruiser

Brok is an enigma within dwarf society. Fiercely loyal to his friends, and outright terrifying to his enemies. Brok can sometimes struggle to differentiate between the two, and seemingly alternates his attitude towards others on a whim. One thing consistent about him , however, is his ferocity in close combat. Brok is a killing machine, threshing through enemies with reckless abandon, screaming obscenities and desecrating slain foes, he is a sight to behold in a melee.

Beneath the surface, and not immediately recognizable, is an astute warrior who studies the art of killing like few others. Brok has a particular penchant for bringing down the various monsters of Mideon, and for this he bears the title of "Monster Slayer" amongst his peers.

One thing all other heroes of Judgement agree upon is that, once summoned and seeing the others chosen to fight alongside you, it is always reassuring to see Brok in their midst.

Defense /10

Brok gains some survivability at level 2, forcing the opponent to use an extra attack to kill him, while his level 3 ability is great against Tanks and heroes with RES.

Offense /10

Most of Brok's abilities are designed to inflict damage. MEL 7 and a damage grid of 2,3,5, coupled with Back Swing allow Brok to really pack on the damagel. He does depend on Crit rolls to get his Back Swing, so anything that can increase that chance is a must (Vorpal Blade, Bastian's Heroic Ballad, etc.)

His Cleave ability allows him to go berserk when surrounded by enemies without suffering from the distracted rule. Savagery is an ability that you should try to set up for the following turn, giving him a full activation of MEL 8 attacks.

Support /10
Soul Harvest /10
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