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Absolute Malice

Absolute Malice

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Only 130 were created with Exclusive Numbered Art Cards.

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Despised and admired in equal measure, these Lords of Malice operate entirely independently of any faction. A threat to the cultural integrity of the Yhtari factions, these boundless shape-shifters form armies of the rejected and forgotten.

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Height: 203mm
Base: 100mm round

Material: pure, unfilled resin

Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.
When assembling, only use cyanoacrylate glue (medium viscosity, for best results) as other glues may damage the material.


The demon hordes are grouped into six distinct factions: Ruin, Ecstasy, Onslaught, Malifica, Discord, and Tyranny. They call themselves Yhtari, but are known throughout the multiverse by various names. Regardless of how they are known they are rigid in their structures, and cultures with each faction representing a distinct species of Yhtari that is either descended from or created by one of the six demon gods. While Yhtari from different factions often work together, there is no doubt as to their origin. However, there are some demons whose origins are unknown, and their allegiance is only to themselves.

The Lords of Malice are one of these factionless Yhtari. Despised and admired in equal measure they have no home other than what they carve out for themselves. They may function as Warlords, gathering bands of outcast or disgruntled minor demons to their banner, or they may swear allegiance to a specific faction, becoming a lord for hire.The Lords of Malice have a chameleon-like quality, able to change their physical forms to better blend into their surroundings. They can mimic some of the common phenotypes of the different Yhtari factions, changing their faces, and even their wings to mark their fealty—even if it is only fleeting.

Occasionally a Lord of Malice carves out—or subverts—an entire empire, gaining the allegiance of other Yhtari Lords and Ladies, along with their hordes of lesser demons. Being of no faction, themselves, these Lords of Malice are able to create alliances that are both blasphemous and unique in the demon realms, assembling even bitter enemies together under their banner. Any Lord of Malice who manages to ascend to such a height will find themselves fighting constantly, for they are seen as a threat to the cultural integrity of the Yhtari factions.

The Absolute Malice Variant are Lords of Malice in their most natural states, operating independently of any faction. Their humanoid faces and athletic bodies are hauntingly beautiful. They are arrogant, malicious, and easily slighted—never forgetting a perceived insult. Their flesh is dark shades of brown, grey, blue, or purple, and they are shrouded in clouds of oily black smoke. Tortured faces, demonic maws, and stranger shapes form and disperse from within the darkness that shrouds them. When their wings open, it reveals a disturbing landscape of living and bizarre forms - half smoke, half flesh - fused across the membrane. Tipped in jagged bones, and topped with rending claws, these appendages are devastating weapons. When an Absolute Malice succeeds in enveloping a foe inside his swirling smoke and billowing wings, nothing is left behind. The victim is devoured—both body and soul—becoming just another trapped shape in the Lord’s own personal hellscape.

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