Judgement: Eternal Champions The Game

Judgement: Eternal Champions is a highly competitive, strategic tabletop game.

Take on the role of one of the six gods who rule Mideon and summon the mortal heroes of Athien to fight on your behalf. This fast-paced, dynamic game contains incredible interactive miniatures and game elements that truly immerse you in the action.

Along the way, dynamic terrain features will help or hinder your battle tactics, and dangerous neutral monsters will stalk and attack any Hero who comes too close. Kill the monsters before they kill you, and you’ll reap great rewards.


Paint exquisitely detailed miniatures and then call them to battle! The vast selection of Heroes have unique abilities that compliment a variety of play styles, keeping every battle fresh and exciting. Level up your Heroes to unlock game-changing new abilities, and purchase Magical Artefacts to improve their attributes.

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