EU/UK Restocking Changes

Restocking and New Releases for the UK


We appreciate all of our European and UK customers and want nothing more than to ensure you have access to all of our creations. With constant changes to worldwide logistics and the challenge of increasing costs we were faced with difficult decisions.

We want to have our creations be as accessible as possible to you at a great value so we are scaling back expenses where we can. This way we won’t be hiking prices for Creature Caster miniatures to offset the new shipping costs we are faced with.

We will now be shipping to European and UK distribution centres only once every 3 months.

New Releases may be available in North America first (we hand pour and manufacture all our resin creations in Canada) with delayed releases to Europe.

It is disheartening for us as artists and creators to not have our miniatures available to the world at the same time, but we felt this was the best move to keep our creations at a reasonable price.

We hope you understand our decision and will choose to continue to support Creature Caster. Thank you.