About Digital Subscriptions and Models

The world is changing. New technologies are becoming far more available in homes, and with that in mind, Creature Caster is proud to announce its newest product: Adventures in Reclamation. 

What is “Adventures in Reclamation”?

Creature Caster: Adventures in Reclamation is a subscription based STL program and narrative device compatible with the Dungeons and Dragons 5e Roleplaying Game. Each month, Creature Caster will release a set of miniatures in STL format that will be compatible with a Dungeons and Dragon Adventure set in the fictional universe of Reclamation - an all new Campaign Setting.

What is Reclamation? 

The universe of Reclamation is a dark survival horror setting which has been adapted for use with the Dungeons and Dragons 5e Roleplaying Game. The first season, which will take place in 2023, will take place in a part of the world known as The Wasteland. It is a strange and horrible place where the lawlessness runs rampant, and the player characters team up with an organization called The Procurement Guild, which specializes in organizing expeditions into the Strange Wastes and searching for ancient artifacts from lost civilizations. This is not a roleplaying setting for the faint of heart, however, as the wastes are home to many terrible and horrible monsters - both human and otherwise. Reader discretion is advised. 

The Subscription Service

Each month Creature Caster will release a series of models and an accompanying adventure to be played. Those who subscribe receive a very large loyalty reward miniature once every three (3) months. These models will be provided as a thank you for your support and are completely free of charge. These models will also be accompanied by a Bestiary Entry at no additional cost. You can subscribe to our Tribe on My Mini Factory by following this link

Physical Miniatures

Physical Miniatures will be available outside of the subscription service. There will be no merchant licenses with this program. You can purchase the physical version of these models at Only-Games by following this link

The Miniatures

The World of Reclamation is a diverse place full of many colourful and horrifying creatures. Each month, Creature Caster is committed to providing our subscribers with an array of miniatures all sculpted by our team of dedicated artists to bring you the best experience one can have with consumer grade 3d printers. These prints have been optimized for printing at home and have been supported by the amazing team at ATLAS3DSS - well known to be one of the best in the industry for supporting 3d models for printing. We can promise you that these models will test the limits of what SLA printers are capable of in a home setting. All of our STL models will be available in our online store for purchase, and can be purchased individually outside of the subscription service. 

So be sure to join us in our adventures in the World of Reclamation! With your support, we will continue to produce miniatures in STL and adventures well past the first season - expanding our world and hopefully bringing you along with us in this harrowing and horrific journey.