The lands that border upon the Strange Wastes are no stranger to the eldritch horrors that find themselves in this unholy place. It is a vast expanse of desert that seems to expand each time it is travelled, and those who travel it bring with them strange tales - if they return at all. It is here that a rift has formed and become a dumping ground for the debris of other worlds. It is a place where one can find great riches, but sometimes at the expense of their own sanity. 

  • The Damnation of Lilitu

    Along the King's Road lies an old Coaching Inn where an insidious threat is attempting to bring about the destruction of the realm by summoning an ancient evil. This One Shot Adventure is designed for a level 9 party consisting for 4-6 players.

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  • Darker Tides

    The vile followers of Malifica are many and covetous of the gifts granted to mortals. They lay in wait, always searching for fools to exploit in the forgotten places of the world. This One-Shot Adventure is designed for a level 9 party consisting of 4-6 players.

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  • Night Terrors

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